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What You Should And Shouldn't Do After An Austin Home Fire

1/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What You Should And Shouldn't Do After An Austin Home Fire Fire damage can be devastating. Here are suggestions on what you should and shouldn't do if your Austin home has a fire.

A fire can have a devastating affect on your home and your life. While the severity of a fire can range greatly, even the smallest home fire can cause problems, such as toxic fumes, an abundance of soot, in addition to the damage. Once the fire department is called, they’ll most likely use hoses and foam to put out the fire. While this puts out the fire, the excess water can lead to water damage Austin, if it's not cleaned up right away.

Once the fire is out, you should refrain from cleaning up the mess, especially if you're not sure on how to tackle the damage. Your safety can be at risk. Excess water from putting out the fire if not removed right away and properly can lead to extensive water damage Austin, and a build up of mold. If mold starts to appear, then you need to reach out to a mold remediation Austin professional.

Cleaning items such as rugs and furniture on your own may cause you to spread soot around, which will make your property even dirtier. You may also be putting your health at risk, if you don't have the proper cleaning equipment.

So, in a case where you have Texas fire damage, you need to reach out to a fire and water damage specialist who can help analyze the situation and work with you to help save your home.

What To Do After A Fire:

Avoid Soot
If you have to enter your home after a fire, do everything in your power to avoid tracking soot everywhere. If you have old and tattered towels and sheets, use them on the floor so you don’t keep moving soot everywhere. If you find that you have to move items, wear protective clothing and rubber gloves.

Unplug Your Appliances and Check Your Plumbing
If you lose your power, you should remove all of the food from your refrigerator and keep the doors open. Left over food will start to rot and then you'll have unpleasant odors to deal with. You may also have to deal with mold as well, which is extremely nasty. If this is the case, you should consider having a mold inspection Austin,to ensure that it doesn’t spread.

Check your other appliances to make sure that they weren't damaged. If they don't look right, then don’t use them.You should also examine your plumbing fixtures; if they’re covered with soot, then wipe them off as best as possible.

Keep Your HVAC System Clean
Soot can get into your HVAC system, if you don't cover it right after the fire. Find durable fabrics to cover the unit, so that you can help keep out any soot particles. If you need to use your HVAC, have it checked by a professional before you do.

What Not To Do After A Fire:

Don't Clean Your Walls
You may think that basic household cleaner and paper towels will clean up all the soot on your walls; it's quite the opposite. Soot is filthy and extremely messy. While you may think that cleaning is the answer, you'll find yourself spreading soot all over the place. Your walls will become even dirtier than before and you may have to repaint them, or even replace them.

Don't Clean Your Rugs
The same advice applies to rugs and carpets. If they're immersed with soot, then using a household cleaner will just spread it around. Your rugs may also be soaked with water, so don't try to vacuum this or draw out the water on your own; reach out to a professional for water removal Austin. A light colored rug, for example, will suddenly turn dark, and the soot will be impossible to remove. The same goes for any type of upholstery or fabric. Leave it be until the professionals arrive, as they have the equipment to clean these items properly.

Don't Clean Your Appliances and Electronics
In the aftermath of a fire, your electronics and appliances may be damaged, but you might not even be aware of it. Heat and water can damage such items beyond repair; so if they're unplugged, make sure, with the assistance of a professional, that they are functional before you plug them in. Take every precaution to avoid the likelihood or starting another fire.

Don't Use Any Electronic Devices
You should make sure that your electricity is good to go before you even consider plugging in any electronic devices, as this could be a safety issue. Excessive fire and water damage Austin can cause some electric items such as ceiling fans and lights to short out, causing more problems. Have a fire damage professional or an electrician inspect your circuits before using any appliances or electronics.

Don't Eat Any Contaminated Food
If your pantry and refrigerator have been affected by fire damage, you should immediately discard any opened items, as they could be contaminated. If anything is covered with soot, or has had contact with excessive heat, then it should go. Some foods such as canned goods may be salvageable, but don't risk this…consult with a fire damage professional about what can and cannot be saved in the aftermath of a fire.

Don't Have a Dry Cleaner Restore Your Clothes
You'll find that some dry cleaners have experience in cleaning clothes that have been affected by fire and water damage, while others do not. Soot can be problematic, especially if you deal with a cleaner who isn’t properly equipped for this task. Make sure you find a cleaner who has the knowledge to handle extremely dirty and damaged clothing, especially after fire and water damage.

Why You Should Choose SERVPRO After Fire Damage Austin

If your Austin home has experienced fire damage, you need to repair and restore as much of your property as fast as possible.

Fires can be traumatic, and the aftermath, including smoke damage, water damage, and the onset of mold, can be extremely distressing. SERVPRO of East Central Austin will diligently investigate, remediate and restore your Austin home in the aftermath of a fire. We'll examine the extent of your fire damage repairs and provide the proper equipment and expertise to ensure a smooth restoration process.

Our team of trained and certified professionals have the experience and knowledge to tackle all of your fire damage repairs. If you're in need of help, call our local Austin SERVPRO office today: 512-420-9886.

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