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Small Leaks Can Mean Major Water Damage in Your Austin Home

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Small Leaks Can Mean Major Water Damage in Your Austin Home Leaks can lead to major water damage in your Austin property.

How a Small Leak in Your Austin Home Can Quickly Turn into a Major Water Damage Problem

A leak in your Austin TX home should never be ignored. Even the most miniscule leak can cause extreme water damage, and it’s often these types of leaks that people fail to notice. Minor leaks can affect carpeting, walls, and damage to your subfloors, as well as creating a major problem for your internal plumbing and pipes.

The best way to notice and stop any potential leaks is to do inspections every month. By using basic leak detection, you can uncover if you have any issues with moisture and humidity, as unexpected moisture that could be caused by leaks that can lead to potential structural damage. But how do you actually identify these potential problems?

Performing Leak Detection in Your Austin Home or Business

First, you should go through your Austin property, checking the inside and the outside at least once a month.

Inspect your property for traces of water or any kind of moisture that appears to be resulting from water damage Austin. Pipes often tend to be the culprit, but you should also look into crawl spaces in your basement, if you have one. In many cases moisture isn’t all that easy to identify, so you may be surprised if you overlook something and then find mold starting to grow.

If mold sets in, it can lead to a variety of other issues, including affecting your health (see 4 major health issues caused by mold). If you do see mold, make sure you act quickly by getting a mold inspection done. It's likely you might also need mold remediation Austin.

If you’re unable to find the leaks on your own, you may want to consult with a plumber. If you don’t have a regular plumber whose services you use, consult with a few plumbers regarding estimates and length of time to fix your leak. And if you need water damage restoration, our SERVPRO team can help.

Detecting if Mold Growth Has Begun

Active mold growth can often be detected by smell alone. If you smell anything musty or just flat out funky, then you might have mold growing somewhere. Even if you can’t see it, try to pinpoint where it may be coming from.

Areas where you’re likely to find moisture, such as bathrooms and showers can breed mold if not cleaned regularly. If excessive moisture exists in your Austin TX home, then you may need to bring in a dehumidifier and exhaust fans and get a mold inspection done.

An increase in mold can be caused by poor ventilation. Make sure all of your potentially damp spaces (basements, attics, crawl spaces, etc.) are well ventilated so that moisture can escape.

Always check on your air conditioner and HVAC system. Change your filters monthly and check all pipes for clogs, which can cause all kinds of problems. A properly working system can help drastically reduce humidity.

The Damage that Leaks Really Cause

It’s estimated that a small leak can cause a home to lose anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year. If this derived from a leaky kitchen faucet, it can usually be repaired pretty quickly, either by yourself or with the assistance of a plumber. Other leaks may be more difficult to find and may go undetected for longer periods of time, which can cause you massive water damage problems in the end.

Structural Damage Resulting from Leaks and Water Damage

Structural damage is another common issue resulting from leaks. Structural damage can be just as much of a headache as water damage to your Austin TX home, and just as costly. You’ll find that in addition to cosmetic issues, like water stains in the walls and ceilings, you’ll actually need to investigate if the water damage is more extreme. As a leak can develop over time, at the first sight of staining on your floors, walls, ceiling, etc., you should call in plumbers.

Bending and warping drywall can be a major issue once these materials begin to absorb water from a leak. The same can happen with wood floors, which will also hamper your home’s structural integrity. Support beams can also be affected, if the affected area isn’t tended to right away. Warped walls should be removed to access the leak in question and to prevent further water damage and mold; the growth of such problems can lead to your home becoming uninhabitable.

Lost Property Values as a Result of Water Damage in Austin

One thing to take into account is that if your home has recurring leaks and water damage, it can greatly affect the value of your home, especially if you ‘re trying to sell it. Once water damage is repaired, there may be traces of it that are left behind. That's one of the reasons why you'll want to contact a water damage restoration company, like our SERVPRO office. We specialize in "making it like it never happened."

If your water damage is excessive, and should traces of water damage remain, you’ll find that you may have to reduce your selling price.

Why Leak Prevention is Important

Conquering a water leak, regardless of its size, is something that should be handled by a plumber. A good plumber will be meticulous in researching, analyzing and restoring the numerous causes of water leaks and water damage. Plumbers are extremely knowledgeable and can help in stopping a water leak that will cause damage to your Austin home.

How SERVPRO of East Central Austin Can Help in the Event of Water Damage

If your Austin-based home or business has experienced water damage from a pesky leak that you can’t control, be sure to reach out to a plumber… But if water damage cleanup Austin is needed, you should contact a professional water damage and restoration company.

SERVPRO of East Central Austin will take every effort to restore your Austin TX home after you experience water damage. We can help you evaluate the overall scope of your water damage repairs, and we use only top of the line water extraction equipment to provide a seamless restoration process.

We’re a locally owned Austin company, and we understand how overwhelming it can be if your Austin property has experienced water damage. We’re highly trained water restoration experts, and our trained and certified professionals can help 24/7 with your water restoration and repairs.

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